Company overview

MARS Healthcare Services UK Ltd is a private Health Care Service provider founded on firm principles of genuine care and reliability with focus on three main parts to the business:

  1. Provision of Health and Social Care and related services
  2. Training provision of Accredited Health and Social Care skills and qualifications
  3. Staffing outsourcing to include all Health care professionals i.e Dr, Nurses Care Assistance, Social Workers etc to the NHS and other agencies.

The company is founded by a group of dedicated healthcare professional with over 14 years of experience in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care, Nursing and the delivery of Apprenticeships and Traineeships.  Our team has earned respect in all the sectors from our bank of dedicated nurses and care-workers some of whom have worked with us over the years as well as all the clients whom we have served throughout the years.

MARS is a registered Training provider for Apprenticeships and works with several agencies, Universities, Colleges and Organisations for work placement in the UK.

We offer a unique combination of premier community-based home health care with compassion, respect and excellence. MARS Healthcare Services UK Ltd has been developed out of deep managerial experience. Inspired by its key principal investors recognition of a real and growing need for excellence and innovation in the home-care market (especially in London),  the company is here to responds to the growing demands of an ageing population and seeks to meet service gaps created within a commercially challenging market.

Through our expertise and innovative programme of on-going recruitment, training and retention, we have an ethnically and culturally expert bank of staff who are trained to offer community and circumstantially sensitive services (Cultural and religious) on demand by clients. MARS Healthcare Services UK Ltd aim to continue to nurture and grow this talent pool.

  • We believe in the diversity with commitment to compassionate and excellent service provision.
  • We uphold to principles of honesty, integrity, and open communication with all our service users areputation on strong, quality, fair and innovative business practices.
  • We value long-term relationships with nd stake holders.
  • We pride our all our service users whilst treating and considering every client as if they were our own family or relatives.

The Company’s primary aim is to provide and/or facilitate warm, dignified, timely and compassionate care services and to promote a culture of care and welfare, which ensures that people are safe and happy in their own homes. Further aims are:

  • To tailor services to individual needs, according to a personalised ‘Care Plan’.
  • To continually develop and maintain a bank of vetted, inducted, trained and qualified care professionals.
  • To deliver quality, accredited skills training in health and social care that meet sector standards including providing dementia training to existing and new staff. The aim is to help them to become dementia-friendly and trained to meet special needs.
  • To provide a responsive, reliable staff outsourcing option for commissioners of cares services.
  • To provide a rapid response to calls a safe and timely delivery of care services.
  • To place culturally-sensitive care staff that meets the needs of all our service users.
  • To keep to the changing needs of service users under review, in consultation with all relevant professionals.
  • To provide service-users with friendly and personable psychological and emotional support, by ensuring staff are trained and supported.
  • To utilise technology that will optimise efficiency and eliminate false claims for ‘no shows’.
  • To maintain strong staff morale by treating every staff professionally, developing their knowledge, and paying them well.
  • To continue to maintain our professional reputation with a combination of premier home

MARS Healthcare Services UK Ltd is located in a prime area of the city bordering Canary Wharf. Our head office is based at Docklands of London to serve a large and increasing market for home-care services. Docklands Business Centre is a prime location within one of London’s Biggest Local Authorities – Tower Hamlet which has huge demand for Health Care service provision for its local people. Other Local Authorities served from the Docklands location will be Southwark, Lambeth, Westminster and Camden.


Our business location attracts accessibility for wheel chair users and will be used primarily for:

  • Staff recruitment
  • Meetings, staff supervision etc.
  • Staff in-house training
  • Safe storage of confidential client and staff records
  • Dispatch of invoices and correspondence
  • Receiving faxes, phone calls and digital communications
  • Preparing staff payroll
  • General Administration

MARS Healthcare Services UK Ltd is intentionally positioned to address this and in addition, MARS Healthcare Services UK Ltd business model allows for exceptional, privately-funded clients e.g. private ‘Live-In’ clients to be served across the UK.  

how can we help you?

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